On this podcast, the Crypto Science Society shares stories of our adventures with the unknown. We will bring you inside our investigations to reveal first-hand discoveries. You’ll hear of haunted history, cattle mutilations, black magic mayhem, close encounters, funny farms, aquatic anomalies, and forest phantasms. We have peered behind the veil and are ready to tell the tail…

Available on;

Radio Public https://radiopublic.com/crypto-science-society-podcast-85wDbJ, Castbox http://castbox.fm/ch/2003366, Podbean https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/hzy4r-8cac3/Crypto-Science-Society-Podcast, Sticher https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/crypto-science-society-podcast, Google Play https://play.google.com/music/m/Iyyfysvvpxeylmtgmir5akzhspy?t=Crypto_Science_Society_Podcast , Podcast Addict http://Check out this podcast: Crypto Science Society Podcast #cryptoScienceSocietyPodcast https://rss.castbox.fm/everest/29c4f6edc6934222adca1da60661ae73.xml via @PodcastAddict iHeartRadiohttps://www.iheart.com/podcast/256-crypto-science-society-pod-31151836/

Meet your hosts;

Vice President and etheric guidepost. Jene applies her social science background to to pick apart the very fabric of reality and stitch it back together in a psycho-reactive tapestry.
President and Personification of Crypto Science. Jason dances in the shadows and flirts with obscurity. An experienced aviation professional and former MUFON field investigator, he focuses a rational lens on the bizarre. With ancestral roots in the San Luis Valley of Colorado and New Mexico, Jason draws from traditional knowledge teachings of his elders to gain insite into the unexplained and bridge gaps between indigenous and western ways of thinking. He thrives in the “in between places” and celebrates the surreal.

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Written and produced by the Crypto Science Society and its members. 

Theem music “Dead Bats on a Wire” composed and performed by Savannah Rivka, featuring percussion by Ashley Eve. 

Graphic design by Eddie Nouri and Heather Jane Metcalf.

Sound by Ace Apeda.