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The Crypto Science Society investigates all manor of strange and unusual phenomena. We have evaluated reports of UFO’s, Bigfoot, Cattle Mutilations, Hauntings, Portals, Possessions and more. An investigation includes formal interviews of a witness, video, photo, and audio documentation, and material sample collection. The use of other specialized equipment and methods may be incorporated. All data and evidence is scientifically evaluated and analyzed by our team. Final steps are evaluated based on the investigator’s findings. We discuss whether or not there is sufficient evidence of anomalous activity and recommendations for next steps. While we investigate scientifically, we are very conscious and respectful of the various spiritual backgrounds free of judgment and criticism.

One is a match and the other is kerosene! Heather Jane Metcalf and Makenzi Oman represent the Salt Lake City team with a review of their most recent investigation, and a discussion about investigator training, energy experiments and what to do when your witness interview gets…out of hand.

Who do we work with?: 
We have worked with people who have experienced something profound in their life that they do not understand. They are looking for comfort and solace in the face of a truly mysterious world. We have investigated hauntings, UFO sightings, bigfoot encounters, crop circles, and cattle mutilations.

Qualifications and Training: 
The Cryptoscience Society is comprised of scientists and scholars with collective backgrounds in Astronomy, Anthropology, Education, Folklore, Geology, Graphic Design, Psychology, and Integrated Healing Practices. Most members hold Bachelor level degrees or higher in their related fields. Further training and experience include Mutual UFO Network Field Investigator Training, Dousing, studies under traditional folk healers, and more than ten years worth of collaborative, paranormal, UFO, and Cryptozoological field investigations.
Why we do what we do:
Each one of us has our own story. However, we founded the organization while studying at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. We collaborated with other investigative groups and developed our own training and system.
What we want you to know:
We would like you to be fully aware of what is involved with an investigation in order to clarify your own expectations and desire for results. There are many scammers out there who are willing to take advantage of ignorance and we do not want to contribute to this. Therefore, we work at being transparent in our process. We strive for a mutually beneficial experience as we collect data for our research. We hope to provide peace of mind and new understandings for our experiences. 
Questions to think about when you reach out:
What do I believe is happening? What do I hope to get out of an investigation? What is involved in the process?