The Cryptoscience Society discusses the haunted history of the Tivoli building and the Auraria campus.

The Cryptoscience Society was founded in 2006 as a student organization at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. The organization was honored with numerous awards for involvement on campus. We gained notoriety for hosting many successful events, such as; the Haunted History Tour, Mad Science Fair, and various guest speakers. We created a space where the campus community had an open forum to discuss and explore topics outside the spectrum of established and expected scientific inquiry. We built a foundation of core membership through extensive investigator training, discussions, community partnership, and conducted first-hand investigation and research.

The official seal of the Crypto Science Society International Advisory Committee and Alumni Chapter

In 2010 the Alumni chapter was established as several members were moving on but still wanted to be connected. This extended our reach buy accessing Alumni funds to go to the UFO Watcher Tower and the International UFO Congress in Phoenix Arizona.

Since our time in college, we have evolved to become more community based while maintaining a connection to our Alma mater and continuing to develop and refine our investigation mythology and continue to seek out anomalous events.