Spirits and Stories of Japan

https://youtu.be/Gnj89lIYxhE Follow the link above for the full episode A special two-part episode with Folklorist and Cultural Adviser, Savannah Rivka as our guide on a whimsical journey through the legends of Japan. Hear tales of ghosts, phantoms, strange apparitions, spirits dolls, stigmatized properties, magic, mystery and more.

Legends and Folklore of Estonia, With Savannah Rivka

https://youtu.be/hP4grx2XY_Q Click here to for the full episode on YouTube. Original artwork by Estonian artist, OlevusArt.com On episode 4 of the podcast, Folklorist Savannah Rivka Powell takes us on a haunted history tour of Estonia. Hear tales of Estonian mythology, treasure-guarding spirits, werewolves, runic songs, magic, sauna rituals, epics, and folk legends as she discusses … Continue reading Legends and Folklore of Estonia, With Savannah Rivka