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Each week the crew of Werewolf Radar convenes in their mountain stronghold to tackle the dark mysteries of the unknown and drag them, screaming, into the light! Ghosts, UFOs, vampires, some kind of skeleton monkey with snakes for fingers and bullets for teeth! No mystery, no matter how mysterious, can escape the scrutiny of these paranormal masterminds as they help you to navigate a path through an existence far stranger than you could have imagined. It’s a big Weird world. Don’t be scared, be prepared.

The International UFO Congress was established in 1991 and is held annually. The event holds the Guinness World Record for the largest UFO conference in the world. It features presentations by scientists, academics, authors, researchers, experts, and those who have experienced paranormal or anomalous phenomena from all over the world. It also provides a forum to discuss experiences and findings. The event has over 20 Speakers, a Film Festival, and scores of vendors. Topics generally covered are UFO sightings, alien abduction, UFO crashes, crop circles, paranormal experiences, governmental UFO secrecy, and much more. The International UFO Congress is owned and managed by Out of This World Media and Events, Inc.

Open Minds Productions is a multi-media organization focused on taking a serious look at credible information and the social impacts of belief and knowledge in regards to paranormal phenomena, in particular, the UFO phenomenon and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Adventure exposes you to new and unfamiliar concepts allowing for opportunities to grow and learn. In the conventional sense, a scholar is a learned person, one who gains mastery in one or more disciplines. In the context of our communities, a scholar is an individual dedicated to learning and expanding their knowledge base for the improvement of the self in connection with others. We believe that all people have an adventuring scholar within waiting to be awakened. We invite you to join us on this exciting and enlightening journey of discovery.

We are a team of experienced speakers and educators dedicated to engaging in processes of human and societal development through teaching subjects related to science, folklore, expressive arts, and cultural heritage. Our approach integrates traditional and innovative models designed to reveal and explore the intersectionalities of the human experience.

The Ghostlore Podcast is here to investigate how ghost tours bring us into contact with ghosts (and get us to scream!) in this spooky, funny, but deadly serious podcast. Join us on a different ghost tour in the UK every week. Hear stories from the tour itself and discuss how the tours and tour guides use the landscape and local folklore to conjure ghosts and allow us to meet the grisly past of some of the UK’s most historic city centers.