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The Crypto Science Society discusses the haunted history of the Tivoli building and the Auraria campus.

The Cryptoscience Society is a group of scholars and adventurers, dedicated to the study of strange and unusual phenomena. We approach the subject with objectivity and open-mindedness. We investigate and educate on all matters of the paranormal and otherwise obscure research topics, such as; ufology, cryptozoology, and paranormal science. The Cryptoscience Society has assisted people to evaluate their experiences and gain a better understanding of these various phenomena since 2006.

Rachel and Eddie Nouri, and Jason Cordova at the International UFO Congress

The Crypto Science Society journal began as a means to document the semester proceedings when the organization was a student group at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. This journal is a continuation of the research tradition that we started in college, and is a compendium of research and writing submitted and conducted by society members.

Studies may incorporate methodological approaches from various disciplines reflecting the diverse educational backgrounds of the society members, such as; Aviation and Aerospace, Engineering, Education and Literature, Anthropology and Folklore, Art, integrated healing practices, Curanderismo, Environmental Science, Ecological Restoration, Psychology, and the occult.  

All society members are welcome to submit their research and findings for review by the committee and are published upon approval.