Black Magic Mayhem: By Jason Cordova

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Magic can take many forms. Even seemingly ordinary things can be viewed as magic when time is taken to appreciate them appropriately. Sunset is as magical as the whispers of the wind caring freshly fallen Autumn leaves. The song of a child laughing and the first taste of a honey crisp apple while walking on the beach are all unquestionably magical events. As someone who worships nature and believes in science, it is easy to see the magic of the ordinary. There is another kind of magic, though. Curanderas, Broushers, Western Ceremonial Magicians, Wiccans, and neo-pagans use magic as a means to beckon or negotiate certain outcomes through spells and ceremonies. 

Then there are the MAGICK users who control and manipulate the elemental forces, proudly declaring “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”  Those who use their knowledge to impose their own will and take away the free will of others. An ethical and philosophical debate regarding the aforementioned right-hand path form of magic and the later left-hand path is as old as the traditions themselves, and will likely remain until there is no one left to argue. 

For the most part, a contemporary magic/k user is an ethical person. A fully functioning member of society currently experiencing unprecedented acceptance in a highly technological and concrete thinking modern world. But then there are those who find their way to a craft who do have malicious intent. Ones who immerse themselves fully into the dark side. These people are criminals whose weapons are spells and sigils and as dangerous as any rapist or murderer. 

The average person typically thinks of a paranormal investigator being called upon to review reports of hauntings and poltergeists. The occasional, peanut butter stealing sasquatch and UFO sightings. It would likely surprise you to hear that a remarkably high number of our requests for help all too often turn out to be the result of what I have come to call Black Magick Mayhem.

Black Magick Mayhem is basically the result of someone messing with powers that they do not fully understand and end up causing a great deal of harm to themselves or those around them. Often well-meaning but naive people, theses individuals also seem to have put their trust into someone they considered a teacher, only to learn later that that teacher may have had malicious intentions. 

The team dabbles in the craft! Jason and Heather discuss the importance of responsible magic use, and how the Crypto Science Society is called upon to close portals. We also revisit Silver Cliff Cemetery and give a “Shining” review of the Stanley Hotel.

The first case that the Cryptoscience Society encountered of this nature began as a poltergeist report. The subject contacted me because they were concerned about objects being moved around the house They were also seeing disembodied shadows. This activity along with the presence of a teenage daughter in the house were telltale signs of a poltergeist. Many paranormal researchers theorize that what we generally refer to as a poltergeist may not be an intelligent spirit but ambient psychic energy caused by or excited by the presence of an adolescent. Put simply, the psychic aspect of puberty. 

After a thorough phone interview, we agreed to meet in person, and so Jene Conrad and I, scheduled a house call.  We did not detect anything anomalous during our survey of the home, nor did we get indication from the teenage daughter that things were out of the ordinary. As the evening progressed, further conversation with our hosts, revealed that they had been taught some ocultish things by someone they considered a mentor and a trusted friend. Our host had a number of health problems that had began right around the time she met this “mentor”. The “mentor” told our host to put away and hide a number of powerful and sentimental family items. These items had belonged to our host’s father. 

Her health conditions worsened as she began to work even more closely with this individual learning sigils, incantations, and formulas. Her friend eventually passed away, clearly leaving her sad and directionless. Compassionately, I asked directly what she thought was going on here and she broke down crying saying “I think I am causing it”. She said that after her friend was gone, they found a number of satanic altars while cleaning out her closet. She collected these items and placed them in a box and brought them home. This lead us to recommend getting rid of these items as they may be carrying some negativity for her and emphasized the importance of reconnecting with her family through her father’s sacred objects. 

We never heard from this family after our visit, as is so often the case. Without any evidence to the contrary, I always hope that it means our recommendations helped, and I assume there is no further need for our services.

Portal closure request

We were contacted by a family who requested assistance in closing a portal. The primary witness claimed that her brother-in-law had been studying the work of E. A. Koetting, an occultist author, YouTuber, and black magician. An excellent example of “Black Magick Mehem.” E. A. Koetting is an irresponsible hack who is selling people on his half baked satanic snake oil. The witness said that her brother-in-law had painted a sigil on the floor of the sunroom and used it to summon Azazel and Belial. The brother-in-law was now back in prison and the family wanted help in cleaning up after him. They had experienced shadows, sounds, misplaced objects, and otherwise typical paranormal activity, and we’re fairly certain that the portal opened by the brother in laws sigil was the source of activity. 

It was clear from the witness reports that a portal left open by a practitioner of dark arts would be a likely explanation for the activity that they were experiencing and reporting. The team made the decision to not receive or take any photos to avoid the risk of spreading whatever may be in the house. We suspected a fairly straight forward open and shut case. 

Upon further discussion with the family, the team observed that the Father of the household knew much more about the ritual that went into the creation of the sigil than was previously communicated to us. It also appeared that there may have been mistakes in the sigil that limited its effectiveness. He admitted to participating with his brother in a number of rituals. We determined that a Limpia (Chicano folk ritual for cleansing a space) would likely be helpful. We also decided that since he had played a part in the rituals, the “dad of the house” should do A.E. Waits Exorcism/redemption of a black magician ritual to undo what had been done. We surveyed the grounds, spent a bit of time visiting with the family, and made sure to smudge off and protect ourselves after leaving. 

This family got swept away with the excitement of conjuration and summoning without learning the discipline and safety precautions necessary for such work. As a result, they got in over their heads and invited some very powerful energies into their home with no way to stop it. Luckily either the “teacher” or the student made a mistake with the sigils and diminished the effectiveness. We were not called upon again to do more so it is safe to assume that what we did worked, assumingly attesting to the effectiveness of the Limpia.  


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